Mont Harmon joins with Carbon High in Recycling


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Mont Harmon joins with Carbon High in a recycling contest to see which school can recycle the most paper. Last year Carbon High was able to secure a Carbon County Green Team trailer on-site to allow them easy access to recycle paper and aluminum. This year they are sharing their trailer with Mont Harmon Middle School to increase the recycling efforts.

Mont Harmon has purchased recycling bins for each classroom to encourage participation and has entered into a challenge with Carbon High to see which school can recycle the most paper this year.

A Minnesota study on school waste produced some surprising results. The average secondary school produces 22kg or approx. 48 lbs of waste per pupil each academic year. The figure for primary schools is even higher at 45kg per pupil.

The sources of the waste can also be surprising. Recyclable paper (cardboard, white office paper, and mixed paper) accounted for 23.5% of the total waste generated by schools. However, the single most common material generated by schools was food waste—23.9% of the total waste generated.

The efforts of both schools will help reduce the amount of material entering the Carbon County landfill. While it seems we have unlimited capacity for trash, in reality, the space is limited and these efforts increase the life of the land fill, save the county money and help the planet.

Green Team recycling trailers are located at many locations in Carbon County and are a service provided for all residents and visitors to our area.

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