Mont Harmon Named Overall Winner at Castle Valley Wrestling Tourney


Mont Harmon Pirates celebrate their victory

By Julie Johansen

Helper Middle school hosted the Castle Valley Wrestling Jr. and Middle School Tournament last Wednesday, Dec. 14. Sixteen different weight classes wrestled in four rounds with the championship round concluding the tournament.

The winners in the various weight classes are as follows:

75lbs. 1st Jess Christiansen, San Rafael; 2nd Sid Christiansen, San Rafael; 3rd Isaac Jensen, Canyon View; 4th Kayden World, Canyon View.

81lbs. 1st Byron Christiansen, San Rafael; 2nd Brendon Williams, Helper; 3rd Peyton Stansfield, Canyon View; 4th Josh Andreson, Helper.

87 lbs. 1st Jarin Allen, San Rafael; 2nd Gavin Guymon, Mont Harmon; 3rd Kayson Jensen, Canyon View; 4th Landyn Campbell, Helper.

93 lbs. 1st. Bryce Judd, Mont Harmon; 2nd Tyler Stilson, San Rafael; 3rd Collin Fausett, Mont Harmon; 4th Isaac Robinson, Mont Harmon.

99 lbs. 1st JW Oveson, Canyon View; 2nd Chase Magann, Mont Harmon; 3rd Dwain Farley, San Rafael; 4th Will Carmichael, Helper.

105 lbs. 1st Makaden Whiteleather, Mont Harmon; 2nd Dillion Thomas, Mont Harmon; 3rd Maddex Christman, Canyon View;  4th Zac Hadfield, Canyon View.

111 lbs. 1st Caleb Marshall, Mont Harmon; 2nd Zane Funk, San Rafael, 3rd Beau Cook, Canyon View; 4th Zayn Defa, Canyon View.

118 lbs. 1st Austyn Feichko, Mont Harmon; 2nd Luke Stilson, Canyon View; 3rd Peyton Kimber, Mont Harmon; 4th Conner Branagan, Helper.

124 lbs. 1st Bryar Meccariello, San Rafael; 2nd Tyson Vigor, Mont Harmon; 3rd Caden Padilla, Mont Harmon; 4th Austyn Gardiner, Canyon View.

132 lbs. 1st Aiden Mortensen, Canyon View; 2nd  Cooper Shade, Mont Harmon; 3rd Hayes Dalton, San Rafael;4th Davin Moss, Helper.

140 lbs. 1st P.J. Howa, Helper; 2nd Riggs Griffin, Canyon View; 3rd Easton Horsely, Helper; 4th Trayce Justesen, San Rafael.

148 lbs. 1st Orlando Vasquez, Helper; 2nd Kevin Lopez, Canyon View; 3rd Chris Grant, Mont Harmon; 4th Ean Curtis, San Rafael.

155 lbs. 1st Jerrick McDonald, Canyon View; 2nd Braden Howard, San Rafael; 3rd Rylan Lupo, Mont Harmon; 4th Nate Morley, Helper.

165 lbs. 1st Kove Johansen, Canyon View; 2nd Jesus Leon, Helper;  3rd Trandon Jackson, San Rafael; 4th Daniel Dougal, Mont Harmon.

175 lbs. 1st Jason Ramerez, Mont Harmon; 2nd Stockton Jensen, Canyon View; 3rd Chris Martinez, Helper.

HVW. 1st Jake Robertson, Helper; 2nd Blake Grundy, Mont Harmon; 3rd Daniel Vega, Helper; 4th Braxton Lyon, Canyon View.

At the conclusion of the tournament, teams’ points were added and Mont Harmon was victorious with 142 points and received the large, first-place trophy. Canyon View finished second with 133 points, San Rafael gained 115 points and Helper 85 points. Mont Harmon also received a trophy for the year’s total as well.

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