Mont Harmon Pirates Bake Their Way to Victory *Photo Gallery*


Mont Harmon Middle School’s gymnasium was transformed Wednesday from the usual location of basketball and volleyball games to the battleground for the school’s cupcake wars.

Students were able to pipe, stir and decorate cupcakes in hopes of being named as the event’s champion. Several designs included well-known movies, emojis and even various animals.

The trio made up of students Bailey Saccomano, MaKinzey Cross and Kylie Madden were named as the first-place winners for their tasty cupcakes fashioned after a hamburger and milkshake meal.

“We went through a lot of trial and error,” Cross explained in regards to their design. “My best friend Kylie came up with the cute idea of this and we were actually going to make fries but we ended up burning those so we just made milkshakes.”

What started as a plan B led the trio to the first place victory and a total of $30 prize money. Besides a first-place finisher, four honorable mentions were named, with each finisher receiving $10 as a prize.

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