Mont Harmon Students Conduct Boat Float Experiment


Students who floated for 22 minutes on their boat were: Katie Fawcett, Amberia Mena, Kennedy Noyes and Tasha Conner. Miranda Blanton not pictured. Photo courtesy of Mont Harmon Junior High Journalism.

Article provided by Mont Harmon Junior High Journalism Department

By: Hannah Stock

On Oct. 11, the eighth grade Mont Harmon science classes went to the Wave Pool to float their boats. They worked hard on their boats all week. The materials of the boats were duct tape, wax paper and construction paper. The students had to lie in the boat until it sunk. The eighth graders were floating their boats on the shallow part of the outdoor pool. After the students floated their boats, had fun and swam, they left and had a group discussion.

The activity is to practice using physical properties of the real world, focusing mainly on the property of buoyancy.

Students built their boats in the auditorium at Mont Harmon Junior High, then floated them at the Desert Wave pool. The required time for a boat to float was at least five minutes. The longest a boat floated ever at Mont Harmon was forty-nine minutes!

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