Mont Harmon Students Learn Through Fun Renaissance Fair


Pre-AP history and girl’s choir classes at Mont Harmon Junior High participated in a renaissance fair on Wednesday. They started to prepare for the event early in the school year.

In the Pre-AP history class taught by Joe Cha, students worked on a medieval and renaissance unit. Students researched the time period in order to complete worksheets and a research paper. They also used the knowledge gained to compete in games that allowed them to advance their social status for the upcoming renaissance feast. They were able to gain the title of being a monk, knight or many other things. A king and queen were also selected.

A bazaar was also at the renaissance feast. The students researched products from the time period and constructed their own versions. They could then buy each other’s goods at the bazaar with the “money” the earned by completing their research and competing in the games. Some of the goods consisted of bows and arrows, goblets and feather pens.

Steve Hoyt’s girl’s choir also took part in the annual renaissance fair at Mont Harmon. They performed six times throughout the event. This event allows the choir to have extra practice performing in front of a crowd and learn about and perform music from a different time period.

FCCLA students also participated in the event by preparing food for the fair while the art department constructed backdrops to make it more festive.

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