Motorcyclist Sideswipes Passenger Vehicle


A motorcyclist overshot his intended lane and collided with a moving vehicle Thursday afternoon near Walmart.

According to Price City Police Officer Stephen Regruto, Dillen Vasquez of Price was pulling out of the Walmart parking lot traveling northbound when he drifted into the adjacent lane and collided with a vehicle driven by Chari Swenson of Price.

Regruto said Vasquez ran into the vehicle’s passenger-side door and tumbled to the ground landing on his arms.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Regruto said. “He didn’t even need a band aid, so he was lucky.”

Regruto said Vasquez suffered a small amount of road rash on his elbows. The motorcycle wasn’t quite as lucky as some lights were broken during the accident.

“With any type of accident, safety is our main concern,” Regruto said. “Especially if you are on a motorcycle. If you’re going to be on a bike you should have some type of safety equipment. You should be wearing a helmet.”

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