Mountain Bike Track Project in Price City Advances


During the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Mountain Bike Track Project was brought before the council.

It was requested that the council approve a contract with SITLA (School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration) for the use of property in North Price for a parking lot that will be associated with NICA mountain bike racing events. It is a three-year commitment with a $1,500 per year fee. The city would play part in maintaining dust control and flood clean-up, if any flooding should occur on the property.

Mark Jespersen, who oversees with the Carbon High mountain bike team, outlined the positive aspects of approving the contract. With the approval of the contract, there will be more mountain bike races in the area, he said. This includes the many students who participate in mountain bike races through school teams, among others.

USU Eastern is partnering with the bike team and donating $1,000 dollars. There are other local businesses that have donated time and money to the CHS mountain bikers. Jespersen is very thankful for them and has put thought into a weekend service project for maintaining the bike trails that will be used in upcoming races.

Holding one race will increase the possibility of having more future races in the Price area, Jespersen explained. Over 1,000 mountain bikers could come to race in the area, resulting in an increased economic impact. This could become an invitation for people to come back to Carbon County to experience more of the small town charm or just spend time around in town during the weekend of the bike races.

The council members really enjoyed the idea and there was a motion made to accept the approval of a contract with SITLA for maintaining the future parking lot.

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