*UPDATE* Supposed Mountain Lion Witnessed Near Helper Middle School


On Thursday afternoon, authorities were notified when several individuals reported seeing a mountain lion near Helper Middle School. Principal Robert Bradley also reported witnessing the cat in the area.

From there, four Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) personnel responded to the scene with a local houndsman to attempt to locate the animal. However, they were unsuccessful in their endeavors. Helper City Police Chief Trent Anderson stated that extra patrol was stationed around the school as the students were released for the day.

Following further investigation into the sighting, the Division of Wildlife Resources suspects that the animal photographed was misidentified. During investigation, there was no evidence found that would suggest a mountain lion in the area. Comparing the size of the animal to the surroundings in the photo, it is believed that it was likely a bobcat or a housecat.

For ongoing safety, the Helper City Police and the DWR will continue to monitor the area. They ask for the public to be cautious for the time being.

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