Mrs. Frandsen’s Kindergarten Class of Castle Dale Elementary Was Swamped!


By Julie Johansen 

Nineteen kindergarten students in Mrs. Amanda Frandsen’s class at Castle Dale Elementary presented a musical for young voices about friendship, tolerance and courage. The musical was written by John Jacobsen and John Higgins.

Each group of swamp animals had their own problems shown through dialogue, dance and song. The butterflies develop through their different life stages. The frogs develop from tadpoles, lose their tails and deal with a grouchy old frog. The rest of the frogs show tolerance and all is well. The dragonflies go through several stages from pupa to fly and overcome fear while the turtles have their homes on their backs  and can’t fly.

Their finale song, “We’re Swamped,” summed up the rest of the show.

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