Mule Deer Concern For DWR


The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) visited Emery County on April 5, 2011 at The Museum of the San Rafael to discuss problems relating to the decrease in Mule Deer herds.

First, there was presentation on how the DWR is trying to improve the size of the herds in our area including: controlled burns, thinning out underbrush, adding fencing (as seen on Hwy. 10), and building overpasses in heavily populated vehicular areas.

After the presentation citizens where given the opportunity to ask questions about the Deer herds in our area. Many topics on how the herd is vanishing were discussed, which involved: predators, harsh winters, road kill, poaching, and invaded habitats.

Although our herd may be small, there are some who wish that the Deer would stay on the mountain instead of in their back yards.

One Ferron resident said, “The Deer won’t leave; they get on my porch and kill my garden every year.”

There was also a box for suggestions on how to help and pamphlets on actions being taken to secure our herd.

The DWR would like to encourage all to come to these meetings for ideas in helping our damaged deer herd.

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