Multi-Million Dollar Community Center in Works for Cleveland


Cleveland Town Councilmen debated plans for a new, $2.5 million community center at Thursday’s Town Council meeting.

Councilmen stressed that they wanted public opinion on the matter and said they wouldn’t move forward on the project before receiving feedback.

“We’re going to weigh every opinion of everyone in town who’ll come forward,” said Councilman Bryan Christensen. “We’ll find out whether this will benefit them and if this is a good idea.”

Town officials posted a flyer asking for volunteers to help form a committee for the project.

Councilmen gave mixed opinions about the possible community center.

“We’re filling a need to the community in our town,” Christensen said. “Look at the value Cleveland will have with this building. I honestly think we should take this to the next level.”

Councilmen also discussed the likelihood of increased taxes to support the building.

Councilman Carson Grimm said, “The economy is crashing, and people will be worried about there finances.”

Councilmen decided to use a survey to gauge community interest.

Town clerk Jamie Jensen said, “We need to get the public support behind us, especially on a project like this.”


  • Cleveland Town elections scheduled for November were cancelled because of a lack of candidates running for positions. A new State law allowed candidates to be appointed rather than elected if there was no opponent vying for the seat. Councilmen Kobi Erni and Grimm will be reappointed to four-year terms.
  • Councilmen decided to purchase a news snow plowing truck. The truck would cost approximately $53,000.
  • Councilmen discussed purchasing electronic water meters for citizens. The change would save time and money checking the meters. Electronic meters would also provide more accurate readings.
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