Multi-Vehicle Accident on 100 North in Price


A three car accident snags fourth during Friday afternoon’s incident.

Local authorities were called to help direct traffic at the scene of a three car accident at approximately 12:20 Friday afternoon. Witness Carmella Winget, a teacher at Pinnacle Charter School, was headed to lunch when she observed an accident at the intersection of 600 east and 100 north, which happened to involve one of her students. Winget described the incident as she saw it happen.

” I was behind one of my students (green four door Saturn sedan) in the southbound left turning lane on 600 east. As my student proceeded to enter the intersection and turn left onto 100 north an orange hyundai came speeding over the hill ( eastbound) and hit into her,” Winget explained.

At that same time a white GMC flatbed truck was about to turn right onto 100 north at the stop sign when the driver of the hyundai hit the saturn and then careened into him. The Hyundai hit the driver side door of the truck and went under the tires causing significant damage to the Hyundai.

While Price City Fire directed traffic, and assumed the incident to be under control, a Carbon County School bus was turning left onto 100 north from 600 east and did not notice the white GMC flatbed that had been parked on the side of the road. The Carbon County School bus #99 hit into the driver’s side rear and pushed the truck onto the sidewalk. This additional incident brought the grand total of involved vehicles to four. No injuries were reported, and no children were on the bus when the incident occurred.

Price City police, Price City Fire, Carbon County Ambulance, and Utah Highway Patrol were all present on the scene.


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