Murder at the Swell Casino Draws Large Crowd


Press Release

The Murder at the Swell Casino took place Saturday night and there was much mystery, magic and memories to be had! Ethan Williams, the magician, awed the crowd with his talents and we are looking forward to having him return and entertain us at the Emery County Fair. We would like to give a big thanks to Blackham Photography for their fabulous job running a professional photo booth and R Pizza Place for catering some delicious food.

Along with the casino games, magician, food and photo booth, the Murder Mystery unraveled and among the crowd of 70 people, 14 were able to crack the case and figure out who the killer was! Melanie Bernard won the award for Outstanding Costume, Christy Anderson won the award for Best Actress and the sly, slight-of-hand magician won the award for most chips collected during the night.

Another big thank you goes out to the actors/actresses/dealers who made the night possible and those who came out to enjoy the festivities!

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