“Murders Most Foul” Related at Emery County Historical Society Meeting


By Julie Johansen

Witches flew in to start the evening with dancing for the Emery Historical Society’s October monthly meeting. Chairwoman LoriAnn Larsen then introduced Miss Kitty, SueAnn Martell and Bobcat, Darrin Teply. Trading their usual frontier costumes for medieval wear, the couple enthralled the large crowd with their stories of murders in the history of Emery and Carbon counties.

With the help of a slide show, Miss Kitty began with her rendition of the murders and shady life of an early politician, Sen. Arthur Brown. She related the love triangles that eventually were his demise. This story may or may not name the ghosts of the Lewis Jewelry Building in downtown Price.

Bobcat then told tales of the Outlaw Bunch, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  He may have related their true identity and how the posse received their fame in capturing them. He told of the famous, or infamous, cattle rustling in the local area.

Everyone attending was invited to done a costume for the gala event. Some chose to participate while others just came for the story telling.

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