Muscles Flexed During TougHer’s Shenanigans to Benefit the Angel Baby Fund


While working up an intense sweat in a workout competition does not sound like everyone’s idea of a fun Friday evening, much of the community did just that at TougHer Gym on April 7. The Shenanigans competition was hosted for a special reason: to benefit the annual Angel Baby Walk.

The Angel Baby Walk takes place in Helper every Spring and was put together with families in mind. Those that have lost a baby or knew someone that has lost a baby are honored during the walk. The Shenanigans competition raised funds to benefit the foundation.

Eight teams joined together for the competition and were put to task with stunts such as plank ups, jump roping, Sweaxy dances and more. The scoring worked in such a way that the lower your team was scoring, the better you were doing. The team with the lowest score at the end of the night was made victorious.

The winning title was awarded to the Community Nursing Services Team. They are able to hold the Battle of the Nurses trophy for a whole year. A total of $3,564 was raised and will be given to the Angel Baby fund.

“I am so proud to be apart of this community and to be surrounded by inspiring women every day,” TougHer Gym owner Alida Farlaino stated on the gym’s Facebook page.

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