Museum Critters Get a New Home

Price —The USU/CEU Prehistoric Museum is pleased to invite the public to a FREE ribbon cutting ceremony for their new Living Fossil Exhibit. On Friday, February 18, 2011 at 3:30 P.M., the reception for the opening will take place in the gallery of the museum where light refreshments will be served. Then, a child from those in attendance, will be selected to cut the ribbon for the ceremony where the first live feeding of the museum critters will take place in their new home, the “Living Fossil Exhibit”. Admission will be free from 3:30 p.m. until closing (5 p.m.).

For several years now the weekly live feedings have been a favored event for museumgoers and now the alligator, soft-shelled turtle and two monitor lizards have a new place to call home. This new area is a beautiful addition to this popular venue.

“Lloyd Logan has done an impressive job of creating the new habitat and we feel certain that the animals as well as the public will be very appreciative.” Said Christine K. Trease, the museum’s Director of Public Relations. “We couldn’t be more proud to unveil this attraction to the public,” she concluded. In moving the animals “just around the corner” this opens the way for prep labs to be put into place. These prep labs will be yet another avenue to enhance the visitor experience. Not only will the visitors be able to observe paleontological and archaeological preparation taking place, the labs will be equipped with sliding windows so the visitor may ask questions and interact with the preparators.


Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Carpenter, the museum is making great strides towards visitor satisfaction and enhancing the visitor’s experience. Dr. Carpenter is dedicated to keeping the museum on the cutting edge of technology and keeping it fresh and new. The museum appreciates your patronage and hopes that you can take part in this free and exciting event.

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