Name Game; East Carbon-Sunnyside is Open for Suggestions


During a work meeting last week, council members of the new city have decided that the name East Carbon-Sunnyside will not be the area’s official name. The process of changing the name again was brought about by general dislike by residents of the lengthy East Carbon-Sunnyside.

Possible names mentioned at the work meeting include Bruin Point, Bookcliff Valley, Canyon Edge and many more. While various names have been suggested, multiple citizens still remain upset about the issues the change brings about, such as problems with mailing and the need to alter official documents.

Suggestions for a new name for the city are currently being accepted at city hall. Residents will receive more information on the name change and the process of making a suggestion in the city’s newsletter.

Name suggestions can be made until the end of February.

In early March, an official title for the city will be voted on.

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