National Guard Prepares for Training in Carbon and Emery Counties


In June, Carbon and Emery County will host a special operations training of the National Guard and become a mock “hostile” environment.

COL. Robert Dunton approached the Emery County Commission on Tuesday to receive approval for this special operations training.

“It has become obvious our officers were not receiving the appropriate skills to complete their duty,” said Dunton. “We needed a DOD area to complete these trainings and Utah was the first location considered.”

Dunton continued to explain the training will be from June 1 to June 18 and will consist of four teams inserted into a mock hostile environment.

“In the scenario Utah has been overrun by occupational forces,” Dunton explained.   “It will be the task of the teams to infiltrate that force. Those chosen are the best of the U.S. inventory.”

The team will be a Halo team jumping at 27,000ft coming to land in Southern Emery County on the land of the Castle Valley Ranch. From there teams will work their way on foot from Southern Emery County to Northern Carbon County to help local partisans overcome the regime. Dunton expressed soldiers will mostly be dressed in civilian attire and walk among the residents, however they will be carrying unloaded weapons. Live fire will stay within the boundaries of the North Springs Shooting Range, as approved by Carbon County officials.

“We want to stress to the community that this is not an invasion, and that these officers will be monitored at all times,” Dunton said.” They will mostly operate in periods of darkness and their routes and scenarios will be previously mapped.”

Dunton estimates the activity will bring anywhere from $20-$30,000 into local communities, and they are requesting the support of area residents, and law enforcement.

“We are asking for volunteers from the community to assist with this training, and local law enforcement will be involved,” he continued.

A public meeting will be held on April 2, 2013 from 6-8:00p.m. to answer questions and enlist volunteers at the Price Armory.


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