National Guard Proposes Community Plan of Action


At Wednesday’s Carbon County commission meeting, Paul Weddle, a retired National Guard veteran who spent 27 years in special operations, stepped forward to brief the commission regarding future exercises that will involve the community.

The Guard would like to collaborate with government officials, water, gas, power, and telecommunication companies to form a community plan of action for a post disaster situation; such as an attack from foreign countries, a natural disaster, or any other situation where life as we know it could be altered. В A medical team is В proposed that would assist citizens in cases of widespread illness or injury. The Guard will also speak with schools and businesses to discuss what would be needed to recover after a disaster.

To ensure the National Guard be ready for anything, they will be running exercises in remote locations to act out possible situations that could happen during times of war. Anyone can participate in the scenarios, which will be announced soon.

To limit concern, the community will be made aware of all future testing situations.

“What’s key here is safety, safety for the community and safety for our soldiers” Paul Weddle explained to the commission. “We will be representing the Utah National Guard at all times, in uniform or not.”


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