National High School Heart of the Arts Award Goes to Green River Local


Photo courtesy of Kasey Fluckey

By Robin Hunt

Green River High School‘s very own Emily Roundy was recently awarded the National High School Heart of the Arts Award by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). She was chosen as the section seven nominee, and she was up against other students from Utah, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona. 

Roundy, a junior at Green River High School, has been actively involved in choir, robotics, debate and student government. She has made it to the state competition in robotics and has qualified twice for nationals in the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) organization. Unfortunately, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and the financial strain on the family made it so that Roundy was unable to attend either of the national competitions. 

Even more amazing, Roundy has been tasked with a larger role in the caretaking responsibilities of her three younger siblings. Despite these challenges, Roundy has maintained her 4.0 GPA and has remained dedicated to extracurricular activities. She even joined ProStart, a culinary-focused activity affiliated with FCCLA. 

With strong encouragement from her friends, Roundy played basketball for the first time during her high school career this year. Her willingness to play brought the rural school’s team up to the required five members, which allowed the team to compete. 

Despite their challenges, the Roundy family remains a positive influence in the rural community of Green River, and their daughter Emily emulates their values and strength in the many activities that she participates in. 

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