Neighbor Dispute Leads to Several Citations for Price Man


Price City Police Department Press Release

An ongoing neighbor dispute over a parking problem resulted in citation to a Price man for a motorhome parking violation, as well as two separate counts of criminal mischief for throwing urine on his neighbor’s property.

A neighbor dispute dating back over one-year has resulted in three citations to a south Price man. James Hubert Lantz of Price, was issued three citations for the violations.

On Monday, Lantz, 75, was issued a citation for parking his oversized motorhome on Price City property. The motorhome was allegedly parked on city property in violation of a stated ordinance. In addition, the motorhome virtually blocked off all sight of oncoming traffic to his next door neighbor because the vehicle was parked in such close proximity to the neighbor’s driveway. The problem began in April 2013, at which time Lantz had also been cited for a parking violation, after refusing to heed police verbal and written warnings to move the motorhome.

On Tuesday, Lantz was also issued a separate citation for criminal mischief when he allegedly threw his own urine onto the driveway of the neighbor in retaliation for the complaint about the parking problem.

During this same investigative interview, Lantz also allegedly admitted throwing urine onto the neighbor’s property last year in retaliation for the report of the parking problem at that time. That incident resulted in damage to the neighbor’s house door and welcome mats.

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