New 2013-15 UHSAA Sports Alignment


The Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) Board of Trustees met and passed the final consideration of regions for 2013-15.

A public hearing was held on Wednesday, November 28, to receive feedback from districts, schools and communities on the placement of member schools into regions. В In addition to the hearing, the UHSAA Board of Trustees received numerous emails over the past few weeks regarding the realignment of member schools.

The assignment of member schools into regions was finalized on November 29, by the Board of Trustees, allowing time for schools and regions to organize and schedule for the two-year alignment period. В The first contests under the new alignment will take place the fall of 2013. В The enrollment data upon which the alignment is based will be less than one year old. В A two year, rather than four year, alignment period allows for adjustments more often as enrollments rise and fall at a number of schools. В The UHSAA Board of Trustees retains the responsibility for alignment of all member schools.

Thirteen schools have changed classifications with ten moving up and three moving down. Twelve schools will also change regions, changing a couple of the long standing region rivalries.

In football, 3A will be divided into two classifications, each with a North and South division. Carbon and Emery High School have now been placed in the 3A North division.

For a list of the 2013-15 UHSAA Alignment click on the link below:

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