New 3rd District Representative Visits Carbon County


United States Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Utah’s new 3rd District Representative, hosted a town hall meeting Thursday at the Holiday Inn in Price.

Chaffetz replaced Rep. Jim Matheson in the 3rd District because Utah boundaries were redrawn when the State’s population earned an additional representative.

Chaffetz spoke about government spending, energy, terrorism and Social Security Reform.

“We have not had a National energy plan for decades,” Chaffetz said. “You would have thought that back in the 1970s we would have taken this more seriously.”

Chaffetz stressed the need to become less dependent on foreign energy production.

“Energy is a multi-trillion dollar challenge,” he said. “We import nearly 60% of our petroleum.”

Chaffetz questioned whether Congress had the “political will” to make the necessary changes.

Chaffetz can be contacted through his website

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