New 7th District and Juvenile Court Complex Plans for Price Underway


Plans are in the works for a new Seventh District and Juvenile Court Complex in Price.

At the Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, Commissioner Jae Potter explained a few things about the building. The county is looking at a joint funding process with Zions Bank to provide half of the project funding. The new building is going to be a $13.5 million-dollar building.

Revenue for first 12 years would come through Zions and the other half of that would be a CIB loan that would end up being a 20- to 25-year project. In the past, requests for public buildings have been an open opportunity. The county is looking at splitting between two entities for the cost because revenue is down. Commissioner Casey Hopes then took time to point out that it would be a state building and cost to citizens of Carbon County will be nothing because rental payments over the tenure of those terms would not belong to the citizens, but the state.

The original courthouse on the corner of Main Street in Price is going to be completely torn down and the new building will be erected in its place. The building is scheduled to start sometime late summer or fall. The new structure is scheduled to be a four-court complex done in two stories on Main Street meeting all the requirements of the court system. The initial application is in and will be heard in May at the CIB building.

A public hearing was briefly opened on the discussion of the new courthouse. Community member Bill Campbell approached the commissioners and asked if local companies like ECI or BODEC will get an opportunity to bid for work on the building. Commissioner Potter assured Campbell that he hoped they would be. The property will be built and managed by the state.

“We would really like for our local contractors to have that opportunity,” Potter stated.

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