New Business Brings Paint Night Events to Castle Country


A ribbon cutting for Price is Right Paint Night was well attended on Wednesday afternoon as community members and the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce gathered to meet the Terry family.

Price is Right Paint Night is owned by John Terry, who runs the business with the help of his family. Transplants from Las Vegas, the family is pleased to offer an opportunity for adults to gather and create colorful paintings where the only limit is their own imagination.

“John Sr. is the mastermind behind Price is Right Paint Night,” the family shared. “It was always a dream of his and his late wife Nancy to start a business – a family business. Because we have all fallen in love with Price and the surrounding areas, we want to give back to a community that has been so accepting and supportive.”

At the events hosted by the family, Price Is Right Paint Night participants start with a blank canvas with a prototype painting at the front of the room. Each attendee is given two paintbrushes and the paint colors needed to create their own masterpiece. The instructor then walks participants through the process step by step and gives pointers as they go.

The Terry family hosts paint night events in a variety of settings and venues. Such events include paint nights for charity events, such as the recent HOPE Squad event, as well as nights for business events, birthday parties and more.

For more information on Price is Right Paint Night or to schedule your own event, please call (702) 419-0140. Information can also be found on Facebook by searching “Price is Right Paint Night.”

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