New Businesses Coming to East Carbon City


East Carbon City Council held a meeting on Tuesday, August 28th, where Mayor LaFontaine and other members of the council discussed city matters and passed many actions.

One of these matters being a project that will be coming up for the city cemetery, where many improvements will be made to the property. The discussion up for debate was with what company they would use to construct the project. The project, estimated to begin on September 4th, has been a discussion for quite a while and the council was ready to just put it to work. In the end, they decided to go local and hire Jones & DeMille for the project, because they are a lot more reliable than other companies they have worked with in the past and it will end up saving them money. The East Carbon Rotary has donated $1000 dollars to put in a flag pole at the cemetery.

Mayor Orlando LaFontaine is currently working on bringing quite a few businesses to open in the city. He is hoping these businesses will bring jobs to East Carbon and boost profit. One of the businesses he’s working with is a restaurant called the New Yorker Grill. The New Yorker Grill will not only serve as a restaurant, but there will be room to dance, drink, and just a place for adults to enjoy themselves. On the other hand, he does have a project in the works that will serve to the younger population of East Carbon. For now, the two businesses that he is going to be obtaining licenses for are the New Yorker Grill and a trading post- he already has the buildings, which are up to code, and is ready to move forward with these projects. Over the course of the next few years, he plans to open five businesses. The licenses were passed with a four to one vote from the members of council.

A new gutter has been installed within the city that not only stops the damage being done to roads by built up water from inconveniently placed gutters, but slows down the speeding traffic that normally plagues the town. So far, this gutter has worked wonderfully, but there have been complaints from a few concerned citizens who are worried that the lack of notice for the dip will cause damage to their cars. While the council believes that no one should be speeding in the first place, they did decide to paint the dip and put up signs to warn oncoming traffic of the dip in the road. There are plans to put up many more of these gutters throughout the town.

One of the biggest complaints the members of council receive are about the four wheelers and other recreational vehicles being driven through town. A law was recently passed, allowing citizens to drive their four wheelers from their houses to the trails. However, this has law has been misconstrued as allowing people to drive their four wheelers through town at all hours of the day, with no speed limit applying to them.

“One day, I counted 24 four wheelers driving by,” said council member Robinette.

This is not only causing concerns because of speeding and not wanting to share the road with these vehicles, but there have been many sightings of children tearing through town with no helmets on, while driving recklessly. Currently, resolutions are being discussed but nothing has been resolved yet.


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