New Clothing Closet Program Hopes to Benefit Locals in Need


There is a new charitable program for locals who are struggling financially. According to organizers, the Community Clothing Closet at 8 East Main Street in Price is intended to “directly benefit individuals in [the] community who need it most.”

The mission of the Community Clothing Closet is to collect gently used items of clothing, including: coats, footwear, backpacks, and other day-to-day necessities, and to provide them free of charge to financially challenged individuals in the community.

OrganizersВ  are also looking for volunteers, monetary donations, folding tables, storage bins, a bulletin board, and office items such as staples, copy paper, file folders, office machines, paper clips and cleaning products.

The Board of Directors includes Board Chair Rebecca Mason, Secretary Kathryn Castanon, Treasurer Rory Doran, Webmaster Greg Spence, and Judy Bishop, Vicki Kulow, Ty Olsen and Dolores Roberts.

Much more information on the Community Clothing Closet is available on their website: You can also contact Mason by telephone at 435-636-3204(work) or 435-650-3062(cell).

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