New Courthouse Plans Officially Ready to Move Forward


During the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday, a public hearing and approval took place for the plans on the new courthouse to be built in place of the old one on Price’s Main Street.

According to Carbon County Clerk Seth Oveson, plans for the courthouse have been approved by the CIB and the hearing and approval is a part of the formal process that must occur to move forward. Eric Johnson, who has been assisting the county during this process, spoke to commissioners, informing them and the community once more that the funding for the courthouse is coming from two sources; the Community Impact Board, which is giving over $6 million for the project, and Zions Bank, who is providing just over $7 million.

Commissioner Jae Potter wanted to stress that the costs for the new edifice won’t increase taxes for community members. The resolution to move forward on the courthouse was approved by the commissioners.

Oveson then gave an update on the process of building the new courthouse. It was discovered that, due to the building being a very old one, parts of it contains asbestos. Before demolition can occur, this needs to be removed. This will start on August 5. Once this is completed, a permit will be submitted that takes ten days to be approved by the Department of Air Quality. Once that is given the green light, it is possible to move forward with the demolition.

Within the next week or so, a construction fence will be erected around that corner of the block. It was explained that during the abatement process, things should be relatively quiet. The bonding schedule is to be closed next week.

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