New COVID-19 Cases in Southeast Utah


The Southeast Utah Health Department announced new cases of COVID-19 within its district on Friday evening. This includes two news cases in Carbon County as well as one new case in Grand County.

Carbon County leads the region with 51 cases since testing began. Of these, 29 have recovered. One patient is currently hospitalized while two other patients were formerly hospitalized but have since been released.

Grand County is close behind with 47 cases of COVID-19. To date, 44 have recovered. One patient is currently hospitalized while another patient was formerly hospitalized but has since been released.

In Emery County, there have been 16 confirmed cases of the virus. There have been no hospitalizations and 15 patients have recovered.

With the increases of COVID-19 within the region, Castleview Hospital has re-implemented its zero visitor protocol. This went into effect on Friday.

“Like many communities across the country, we are starting to see an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the area,” said Greg Cook, CEO at Castleview Hospital. “While we have not yet seen an increase in cases being admitted to our hospital, we believe the proactive effort is necessary to do our part in keeping everyone as safe as possible.”

There are no deaths attributed to COVID-19 within the Southeast Utah region. Since testing began, over 7,021 tests have been conducted throughout Carbon, Emery and Grand counties.

For case breakdowns by age and gender, see the graphs below.

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