New Deputies Join Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Team


CCSO Press Release

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office is proud of deputies that have joined our team of excellence. Five recently hired Deputies as well as one Veteran Deputy graduated Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) from Utah State University Eastern last night (Wednesday). Officers could graduate with Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Certification, Basic Corrections Officer (BCO) Certification or both LEO and BCO.

Three deputies obtained both certifications; Caleb Greenwood, whom graduated with Academic Excellence in both LEO and BCO, Richard Vail was awarded the LEO Superior Physical Fitness Award and Mathew Montoya. Frankie Tapia, whom was awarded BCO Superior Physical Fitness Award, and Blayke Noyes graduated with Basic Corrections Certification. Veteran Deputy of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office Jesse Bigelow, awarded Excellence in Firearms, graduated with the LEO Certification.

These officers dedicated six plus hours a day, often in addition to their shifts at the Sheriff’s Office, for the past eight months to complete the training necessary for the field. They have proven to have exceptional character and grit. When asked if there was anything notable about POST that should be included in a press release, not one complained about the demanding physical fitness or the strenuous hours of dedication on their part. They were humbled by the hours and knowledge that the instructors dedicated to the program and how each played a role in helping them excel. Each of them stated that they have a deep respect for Scott Henrie whom without, the program would not be available.

Deputies as well as the Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the families of these cadets that have graduated for their continued support. It is not easy being a Law Enforcement family but it is worth it and your support of the “thin blue line“ is vital. Thank you.

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