New “E” Coming to Highway 29


By Julie Johansen

The advanced welding class at Emery High has been busy completing the new “E” to be placed on the hill on Highway 29.

The old “E,” which is made of concrete and lays on the hill, has corroded and slid down the hill. The graduating class of 1978 donated the money for the materials to build a new “E.” The metal structure is over 11 feet tall and 1.5 feet thick. This “E” will not lay on the hill but will stand upright on concrete plinths, so it will not be subject to erosion. It will also be lit at night with LED lights powered by solar.

Nielsen Construction and Materials, a CRH Company, has generously agreed to donate the time, equipment and manpower to demolish and remove the old “E” as well as excavate and pour the concrete that will support the new “E.” The new structure will be placed on the hill as soon as the weather permits the ground to be readied for installation.

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