New Emery County Miners Memorial Project Aims for 2016 Completion


Lori Larsen formed a committee in 2013 that’s been working to put a Miners Memorial monument in Price City Peace Gardens. Research along with hard work has paid off for the committee. The memorial will be dedicated Sept. 7 at 9:30 a.m. at the Peace Gardens.

With the memorial in Price being a huge success, Larsen has asked Castle Dale City Council to help put a memorial in Emery County. The city’s help is needed with ground leveling and other tasks that will be required. However, permission is needed from the county still to pursue this project. If permission is granted, the memorial will be located in front of the courthouse in Castle Dale in a complimentary position to the nearby Wilberg Disaster Monument.

Research has been happening and ongoing. Results show almost 1,500 miners have died in Carbon and Emery county mines between 1870 and now. The Emery County monument will only consist of miners who have lost their lives in Emery boundaries.

“(The idea of this memorial began) with two men who, together, had spent more than eighty years in Eastern Utah coal mines,” the committee shared. “Over their lives, they saw numerous disasters that brought extreme grief to local families and communities. A committee of past and present miners, miner’s families and community leaders was performed to raise funds, design a monument and see the project through to completion.”

To make this project happen, help will be required, sponsors are needed and fundraisers would take place. Any donation, large or small is appreciated and would be helpful to this project. It was explained that 100% of all proceeds goes to the memorial.

If the county grants permission to start the memorial project, it is expected to be done and dedicated during the Emery County Fair 2016.  With research ongoing and money that’s been donated so far, this project can be finished at its due date.

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