New Helicopter for Castleview Hospital


Price residents may have noticed a helicopter flying over the city on Friday. The new chopper caught the eye of many residents and will soon be a permanent fixture to the area.

On April 12, Castleview Hospital and Eagle Air Med signed an agreement which will bring the helicopter and crew to the local area. According to Castleview Chief Executive Officer Mark Holyoak, the two companies reached a deal which will grant the medical helicopter use of the helipad at the hospital.

“The helicopter will decrease the time between transferring a patient from the community to the hospital then to a specialized facility,” explained Holyoak. “The service will become available in six weeks.”

Along with the Eagle Air Med helicopter, a crew of four will also reside in the area. Holyoak explained that a paramedic, nurse, pilot and mechanic will all live in the area and become part of the community.

With quicker response and transfer time, the community will benefit from the medical aircraft which will transport patients to anyВ appropriateВ facility for emergency attention.

The helicopter crew was in town Friday and were excited to expand their services to the local area. They look forward to serving and becoming part of the community within the next few weeks.


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