New Leaders at the Helm of the Emery School District


By Julie Johansen

The Emery School Board meeting had a new look on Wednesday evening as the new superintendent and business administrator began their duties. Board president Tracy Johnson administered the district’s oath of office to Jared Black as superintendent and Jackie Allred as business administrator.

Next, individuals were recommended by Supt. Black to the board for hiring approval. These included Kerri Allred as the accounting and payroll specialist at the district office, Heidi Lindsey as the library and media specialist at San Rafael Middle School, Tyler Tuttle as a custodian at Emery High and Dawn Winn as a special education teacher at Cottonwood Elementary. Rexanne Huntsman was recommended as the accompanist at Emery High, Tanyon Allred as the assistant Emery High girls’ soccer coach and Jordyn Wolford as the assistant Emery girls’ tennis coach. Brittany Cox was suggested to be the physical education specialist aide at Cottonwood Elementary and Tammy Payne as the music/art specialist at Huntington Elementary. The board approved all names for employment in the district.

Elementary supervisor J.R. Jones then discussed the district’s Early Literacy Plan, stating that because of the soft closure of the schools during the last quarter in the spring, he has left the goals the same for the upcoming year. Yvonne Jensen, the district’s secondary supervisor, reported that every principal adapted their TSSA plans and has presented them to the district. The board approved all of their plans.

Also on Wednesday, the board’s meeting schedule for 2021 was approved. It can be found on the school website and the only changes are that the board will meet in Green River twice next year.

The fall extracurricular schedules were discussed and can be found on the district website. Early in July, the Utah High School Athletics Association announced that the decision had been made by the state board that fall sports would continue. This, of course, is subject to change following state and health department recommendations. The results of this board meeting and all recommendations by the UHSAA can be found on its website.

In regard to spectators at these sports, the plan states, “Spectators are encouraged to maintain physical distancing between households and wear face coverings when physical distancing guidelines are difficult to maintain. The general public follows current federal and local public health precautions.”

Physical examinations will be required for high school and middle school sports participants. Emery Medical will have a special day, July 28, for these physicals and they can be used anytime during the school year. Forms can be printed off from the UHSAA website or obtained at the clinic.

A lot of discussion continued about the district’s back-to-school plan. Each district in the state must present a plan to the Utah State Board of Education by Aug. 1. A preliminary plan was considered at the meeting but the goal is to finalize the plan within the next week.

Two options will be given to students: distance learning or in-class instruction. A distance learning request form must filled out with the principal of the school. School will resume on Aug. 25 and be held on a regular basis. Each principal is making finals plans for their respective school.

Emery Education President Neal Peacock made a comment that the pandemic has been hard on everyone, but especially hard on teachers. He said it will continue to be difficult with the double teaching each teacher will be doing. He also thanked the district administration for all the work they have done to prepare for a safe school year.

Supt. Black made closing statement with an update on the facilities committee. He stated that this committee is moving ahead with plans to have things in place for the bond election that will be on the ballot this fall.

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