New Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Finds Home on Price Main Street


Price City’s Main Street will soon be home to the region’s only medical cannabis pharmacy, Dragonfly Wellness. The business took time to speak on medical cannabis and its business model during the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon on Thursday afternoon.

Dragonfly Wellness is owned and operated by the Sapa Investment Group, which has made huge moves in a variety of Utah industries, including hospitality, real estate, health and wellness, dining, the arts and more. The group has a community-focused business model with its greatest concern being the people within the communities it serves.

However, during Thursday’s luncheon, the focus was on Dragonfly Wellness, which will be opening a medical cannabis pharmacy in downtown Price. Narith Panh of Dragonfly was in attendance to provide education on the Sapa Investment Group, medical cannabis and the new pharmacy.

Panh explained that Dragonfly Wellness will occupy the former Corner Coffee and Tea building on Main Street, sandwiching it between Edgy Bling and the Price Theatre. The plan is to have the pharmacy open and fully operational by November, at which time residents and visitors alike can start utilizing the pharmacy. According to Panh, the pharmacy will employ 15-20 staff members. The focus will be on employing a local workforce as much as possible, with jobs ranging in terms of education and skill sets.

Dragonfly Wellness will employ everyone from delivery drivers to managers to pharmacists with a large emphasis on education and improving the lives of Southeast Utah residents.

“Every community should have access to quality cannabis for medical purposes,” Dragonfly Wellness shared. “Every single patient story matters and we acknowledge the power Dragonfly has to make patients’ lives better.”

While there are only about 260 medical cannabis cards issued to Carbon and Emery county residents, Panh explained that the placement of the new pharmacy was very intentional and community-focused. He said that they anticipate many Utah residents will utilize the pharmacy, not just local residents. Whether it be travelers from the Wasatch Front making their way to Moab or other rural community members traveling for medication, Drangonfly Wellness expects plenty of foot traffic.

The purpose of placing the pharmacy on Main Street is to bring these visitors to the downtown district and encourage longer stays and exploration. The Main Street location will be convenient for local residents, who will also be able to take advantage of Dragonfly’s mobile ordering and delivery options. Patients will be able to choose from a variety of products, including flower, vape carts, tinctures, edibles, topicals and concentrates.

In addition to this, education will be a primary focus for Dragonfly Wellness. Each new patient will receive a consultation and daily access to trained pharmacy medical providers. The staff at Dragonfly will consistently receive continuing education, which they will then pass along to patients.

While Drangonfly Wellness is a business, Panh said they prioritize people over profits. This is displayed in their vast involvement in the communities they serve, as the investment group supports a variety of nonprofit organizations. The group has committed over $150,000 to subsidize the cost of medical cannabis products, supports the Gerald E King Women’s Center in Salt Lake City and actively supports the Last Prison Project.

However, the business has not stopped there. Panh explained that sustainable business practices are also at the forefront for Dragonfly. The business offsets 1,638,000 pounds of CO2 each year, which is the equivalent of planting 35,378 trees. The business has a strong “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality and focuses on renewable energy through its own solar farm, which powers its indoor cultivation facility. This unique and innovative business model has propelled Dragonfly Wellness into the spotlight, where it has received national recognition for its efforts.

For the past two years, Dragonfly has been honored as the best dispensary in the United States by Cannabis Business Times. Dragonfly was also highlighted for the best cultivation in the United States for two years running.

Panh expressed the company’s excitement in regard to the Price pharmacy, stating that the community has been extremely welcoming. He said that the company is anxious to get started and fully integrated into the community.

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