New Miner’s Memorial Being Built In Castle Dale


Members of the Miner’s Memorial Committee are attending each of the city and town councils in Emery County to discuss the new monument that will be placed in front of the historic courthouse in Castle Dale, in a complementary position to the nearby Wilberg disaster monument.

“To remember and honor the many Emery County coal miners who gave their lives while working to support their families, build the local economy, and provide fuel to light, heat, and energize America,” the committee’s mission states. “The erection of this memorial will enable us to keep forever in our memory those dedicated workers and show that they did not die in vain, but gave their lives for a grateful community and its livelihood.”

Towns and cities are small and budgets are tight, but any donation, large or small, would be greatly appreciated. Donations over $500, for community and economic development purposes, can qualify for a tax deduction on your Federal and state taxes as a charitable donation by going through the local SUCDC. You may receive up to 50% of your donation back as a Utah Income Tax credit.

Large amounts have been donated, and the committee is still accepting donations. The committee plans to dedicate the monument soon after the Emery County fair celebration in June of 2016. For more information, call Dennis Ardohain at 435-636-7007 or visit

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