New Ordinance Addressing Property Maintenance Standards Adopted in Price

The Price City Council Adopted an ordinance Wednesday, authorizing the Price City Property Maintenance Code, titled Property Maintenance Standards.

The code specifically addresses exterior property and structure maintenance matters on all commercial and residential property or structures within Price City. Areas that the code specifically addresses include, but are not limited to:

  • Violations of existing conditional use permit or business license conditions of approval, unauthorized or unpermitted conditions and uses;
  • Failure to remove or mitigate temporary uses of signage;
  • Parking of vehicles, trailers, etc. in non-parking locations, such as front yards;
  • Inoperable vehicles in locations not approved;
  • Accumulations of debris, garbage, rubbish on or around properties, including old appliances;
  • Growth of weeds in excess of 12 inches in height on property previously disturbed by human or mechanical means, or weeds in excess of 12 inches in height on adjacent streets to any property front, side or rear;
  • Elimination of pests, insects or rodents or their harborage;
  • Safety and maintenance of exterior surfaces on structures including fences;
  • Standards for boarding-up of windows and doorways when such is necessary or required.

Violations of the code may result in citations being issued to property owners, operators, occupants of property (such as renters) or agents (such as Real Estate Agents) representing property or structures determined to not be not in compliance. Citations for violations of the code range from $120 to $360 per occurrence of the violation per day. The code does allow for an appeal procedure for property owners, operators, occupants or agents cited for violations.

To obtain a copy of the full text of the adopted code, contact Price City Community Director Nick Tatton at 435-636-3184.

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