New Performance Stage Under Consideration For Price Peace Gardens


A newВ performanceВ stage for the Price Peace Gardens was the main topic of conversation May 23 at the Price City Council meeting.В The committee in charge of the planning, which includes councilmen Rick Davis and Kathy Hanna-Smith, presented the project to the council.

However, Councilwoman Jeanne McEvoy was concerned about theВ committee designing the stage itself and not someone who does that for a living.

“If we’re going to build a library we don’t say we want to put books over here and we want the desk over here,” she remarked. “You design it, you’re the designer. You’re the one who knows how to design libraries . That’s what I’m looking for.”

McEvoy also described her idea of what the project would look like.

“It’s going to fit in this footprint of the city over here and we want it to accent the museum and we want to really highlight this area,” she continued. “We want it to sound good. We want to be able to hang lights and we want to have some upper directed lights if available. We want it to not be blocked off and we don’t want things in the way. These are the things we want, you design it.”

The item was put on the agendaВ permanently until the project isВ finished. The council is currently trying toВ resolveВ the issue of finding a designer in order to promote further completion of the project.

Price City Council will hold its next meeting June 13.

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