New Royalty Crowned at Miss Peach Days Pageant


By Kyler Ashby

Young Ferron ladies were crowned at the 2017 Miss Peach Days Pageant in front of a crowd on Saturday evening. As with many pageants, there were three parts of competition. The first part was a talent portion followed by evening gown and interview portions.

At the end of the evening, the winners for junior contest were MeMarie Melo as second attendant, Miranda Pace as first attendant and Kalle Cook as junior queen. For the senior competition, Tia Hulse was named second attendant and Maryn Allred was named first attendant. The Peach Days Queen crown was given to Brynne Urie.

The judges at the pageant were Addison Black, Marian Hall and Shannon Stoddard with Brett Behling hosting the evening’s event.

Ferron City would like to give a huge thanks to the organizers of the event, Anjelena Behling and Becky Allred, for their work in making the annual pageant a success. 

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