New State Qualifier: First of The Dixie-6


By Julie Johansen

Shaylee Gilbert from Emery High Rodeo Team won the breakaway roping event in the fast time of 2.84 seconds at the first rodeo of the Dixie-6 on Saturday. This was also a qualifying run for Gilbert. Milford High rodeo team was the host of the rodeo at the Washington County Regional Fairgrounds to start the series.

Two rodeos are held each weekend for three consecutive weeks, all at the Hurricane Arena. Riata Christiansen was crowned queen of the rodeos for the weekend on Thursday evening. Other Emery teammates to score in the top ten Friday were Bowdie Jacobsen and partner Haygen Kogianes who placed seventh in team roping, Hayden Cloward placed second and Will Magnuson fifth in tie down roping.

Carbon High school contestants to receive points for placing in the top ten were Sierra Edwards, tenth in pole bending. Sadie Waller seventh in reining cow horse, Kolton Rhodes fifth and Kagen Rhodes sixth in the rifle shoot competition, Kagen Rhodes fifth and Kolton Rhodes seventh in trap shoot.

On Saturday, Blue Mountain Rodeo Team hosted the second in the Dixie-6 series. Carbon High Rodeo team members to receive points were Sierra Edwards, 10th in pole bending, Morgan Jensen eighth in barrels, Kolton Rhodes first and Kagen Rhodes sixth in the rifle shoot, and Kagen Rhodes third and Kolton Rhodes ninth in trap shoot.

Emery Rodeo Team members receiving points Saturday were Cloward and partner Whitt Crozier fourth in team roping, Cloward third and Jacobsen fifth in tie down roping.

The series will continue next weekend with cutting on Friday at 8 a.m. and reining cow horse immediately following. Other rodeo competition begins at 3 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Hurricane Arena.

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