New Travel, Tourism, Museum Director for Emery County


By Julie Johansen

Andriana Chimaras began work as the Travel, Tourism and Museum Director for Emery County on Feb. 4. Her duties are to oversee tourism countywide and the Museum of the San Rafael as well as promote recreation and growth in the county.

Chimaras explained that she works with various boards within Emery County to boost tourism and recreation, thus enhancing economic growth within the county. One of her goals is to bring nationally-recognized events and people to enlarge the smaller rural events in Emery County.

She explained that her plans for the position include raising awareness of the possibilities for economic growth through recreation, increasing infrastructure and helping establish new businesses along with the cooperation of existing businesses. Chimaras hopes to accomplish this through the social market and printed material. She feels that it is important to hold on to the history and traditions of the area. Another one of her goals is to install wayfinding signs.

Chimaras was born in Venezula, but spent her childhood in Florida. After college, she moved across the country to Portland, Oregon where she fell in love with climbing. It was through the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival that she became acquainted with Emery County.¬†Chimaras relocated from Salt Lake City and is now living with her mother and partner in Castle Dale.

As director, she has two assistants: Natalie Olsen in the travel office and Tiffani Baker in the Museum of the San Rafael.

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