New Weed Ordinance May Clean Up Huntington City Streets


By Sara Price

Huntington City has been overrun by weeds. They’re taking over empty lots, yards, fence lines, signs, and businesses. During the city council meeting, zoning administrator Gary Arrington complained about the tenacious pests.

Comments from citizens attending the meeting bolstered his points that something has to be done about all the weeds. They’re competing with six foot fences, blocking signs, obstructing sidewalks and overall making the city look bad.

One citizen spoke of yards where the lawn was perfectly mowed except for a couple of inches between the lawn and sidewalk and in that spot five foot weeds are growing thanks to the abundance of rain received this summer.

The council stated that it is each property owners responsibility to take care of weeds up to the curb. Arrington stated that  the current noxious weed ordinance doesn’t go far enough. He along with two others, will work on drafting a new ordinance that will give the city power to pay someone to take care of the weeds and then bill the property owner for the cleanup cost.

If the noxious weed ordinance gains the teeth the council wants, property owners may find additions to their taxes or utilities for weed control that they failed to take care of themselves. Arrington stated that it will take a couple of months to put a bill together for the council’s consideration and possible approval.

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