New Year, New Captain


ETV News stock photo by Mistie Bastian

Alumni and former player Brennan Bigelow is returning to Green River to lead the Pirates. “I’m excited to be back here and coaching. I love Green River,” said Bigelow. The first-year coach will take over the helm after Tom Hughes retired last season.

The Pirates bring back a crew with just two seniors and limited experience overall. “We’re a pretty young team,” Bigelow declared. But, do not think that will keep Green River from competing this year.

“We’ve got kids that are pretty hard working kids. They’re going to be scrappy [and] play tough defense. If you can play tough defense, you can win ball games at any level.” Bigelow reiterated, “I tell the boys, [defense] is the great equalizer. If you can play tough D, you can beat anybody.”

Perhaps the Pirates’ best quality is their determination and the fact they play for each other. “These guys are just hard nosed, willing to do the hard work.” Bigelow added, “As a team, they mesh well together.”

For all these reasons, Bigelow likes his team’s chances to contend now. “We’ve got some guys that can run the court, some shooters. I think we could have a pretty good season this year.”

Green River has a tough schedule, including matchups with several 2A and 3A teams. The youngsters may sail into some choppy waters in the first months, especially with their lack of experience. But, the plan is that the opposition will strengthen the crew for the final leg of the journey.

“I’m hoping that [the tough non-region schedule] can give these boys a little bit of experience,” began Bigelow. “Once we start playing competitively in our region, we’ll be ready to take care of business. We’re going to be in the running. I don’t think they’re intimidated. They’re going to go and play confidently.”

Bigelow concluded, “We’re excited. The boys are excited, I’m excited.”

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