Newly-Hired Archaeologist Joins Prehistoric Museum


Dr. Timothy Riley has arrived in Price to take over the Curator ofВ Archaeology position at the Prehistoric Museum, and can’t wait to get started.

“I’m hoping to get the public engaged by changing some of the exhibits,” he said to an reporter. “Hopefully this will take place in the fall.”

Dr. Riley comes to the museum from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, where he was an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology. Dr. Riley received his Ph.D for his work on the diet of ancient Native Americans who lived in Hinds Cave along the Pecos River, according to a press release from USU Eastern.

Dr. Riley mentioned his plans for the museum, but won’t tinker with some exhibits, including the mammoth.

“Some of the exhibits won’t change,” he said. “I think the mammoth and the hunting men are in a good place as well as most of the other larger exhibits, but some of the smaller ones, I feel, need to be refocused.

Dr. Kenneth Carpenter, Museum Director and Paleontologist, feels “lucky” to have Dr. Riley on his team.

“Dr. Riley Brings a well-established reputation inВ archaeology and we are lucky to have him,” he said in another press release from the Prehistoric Museum. “I look forward to seeing some cutting-edge archaeology done at the Prehistoric Museum.”

When he interviewed for the position, Dr. Riley was very impressed with the museum and was “extremelyВ excited” when they offered him the position. He also likes the city of Price.

“It’s a nice town,” he said. “My wife and I agreed that it is nice and compact. It’s not sprawled out and hard to find where everything is. I feel we’ll like it here.”

Dr. Riley was offered the position in early April and arrived in Price the first part of June.



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