Nine Mile Canyon Coalition to Host Fall Gathering


The Nine Mile Canyon Coalition is inviting all to join them for a fall gathering, which is slated to take place on Sept. 11.

Check in will be at Nine Mile Ranch with camping available. This fall gathering and Stewardship Day is an event that was designed to attract visitors to the canyon while also providing them with an opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural history from site stewards.

Elements of history, preservation and protection, art, canyon advocacy and more are presented to the visitors, complete with learning activities.

Those that wish to participate are being urged to prepare for a fun and fulfilling day. This event also gives coalition members a chance to connect and engage in productive conversations about the organization and preservation and education efforts.

It was stressed that there are no services within the canyon and those that visit should come equipped with plenty of food and water, a full tank of gas, sunscreen and insect repellent, appropriate clothing and a litter bag.

The day will include breakfast at the ranch, which is $13 per person, Stewardship Day and archaeology tours, lunch at the ranch once again, vendors, experiential archaeology activities and a Dutch oven dinner. Those that want to book camping may call (435) 650-5398 or visit Those attending the breakfast and dinner must register and prepay.

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