Nine Mile Canyon Paving Project Update


Press Release 

Neilson Construction has completed the first lift of paving from the Soldier Creek mine to the end of pavement in Gate Canyon. They have also completed approximately a mile of the Nine Mile Canyon Road east of Gate Canyon intersection.

This week, crews will only be paving Friday and Saturday, August 15 and 16 and Thursday through Saturday, August 21 – 23 next week. Starting the week of August 25, crews will be working Monday through Saturday until the project is completed.

Expect the work schedules to change as inclement weather persists.

Also be aware that crews have been cleaning up the flood debris. This task is mostly completed on the road. The rest of the week a crew will be unplugging a culvert and cleaning up the debris from the road shoulders and barrow pits. This should be completed by the end of this week. Please use caution while driving through the canyon as equipment will be parked or working off the road in various locations and cleanup crews could be working anywhere throughout the canyon.

When paving is underway, flaggers will be present controlling traffic through the paving area. Expect 30–45 minute delays each direction. Please continue to watch for haul trucks and the flood cleanup crews as you travel the canyon.

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