Nine Mile Ranch Celebrates 20th Anniversary


The Mead family hosted a 20th anniversary party for Nine Mile Ranch on Saturday, June 25.

Children ages four and under were welcomed into the event for free, all other admissions were at a very low price. Attendees were able to enjoy a horseshoe tournament, poetry read by Ben Mead, line dancing, karaoke and various games.

The Theta Wellness center, based in Provo, was also in attendance and showcased some exciting demonstrations on what is done inside of their center. Ben & Myrna, along with the Mead family, worked tirelessly on building a beautiful campsite, bunk and breakfast as well as comfortable cabins.

The Mead family would like to thank the wellness center, all the booth vendors, Nine Mile Players band, TJ the DJ and Lee’s Music who made the night such a success. Prizes were also given to the winners of the horseshoe tournament and winners of various other games played.

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