No Progress: Price Tennis Courts in Limbo


Tennis Court Committee Members went to the Price City Council on Wednesday to provide an update on the tennis court situation; unfortunately, committee members were unable to provide any new information because Price City hasn’t made a decision about what to do with the courts.

Councilmen previously said the courts would stay in their current location for three years and receive repairs. The Committee’s issue was that Councilmen haven’t provided direction beyond the three years.

Committee Chair Robert Richens said he would like the Councilmen to provide a clear direction so Committee members could speak with the Carbon County School Board about possible changes to court locations. The School Board’s concern is how changes will affect the Carbon High School tennis team.


Councilmen decided the City would maintain the same number of courts, but didn’t give any insight to where the courts would be located in the future.


ECDC garbage collection prices dropped from $22 per ton to $17 per ton, making 2012 Price City garbage prices approximately $1.25 per can. Councilmen were unclear about whether utility bills would be adjusted to reflect the price change.

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