Nonstop Dancers Entertain on Seven Seas


Information provided by Linda Johnstun

The Nonstop Dance Company of Linda Johnstun was recently invited to perform on Carnival’s Legend cruise ship while on an Alaskan cruise. The group, made up of 72 dancers as well family and friends, departed from Seattle on June 13.

While on the cruise, the dancers were able to take part in two performances on the Follies main stage. In addition to the two scheduled performances, the dancers were also asked to perform during the ship’s talent night.

The cruise also afforded those in attendance with several choice opportunities including a jazz workshop under the direction of the Carnival Cruise Line dancers. Several other climaxes while on the trip included various tours of areas including Trace Arm Fjord, Skagway Alaska and also Victoria, Canada.

In addition to dancing, ocean fishing, salmon bakes, narrow gage train rides and enjoying the shopping venues at various ports also gave the dancers a chance to enjoy themselves before returning on Tuesday, June 21.

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