Not So Sunny(side): Tax Protest Causes Problems


Sunnyside City Councilmen discussed a resolution that would increase wages for full-time employees at the City Council meeting Tuesday in Sunnyside.

Councilmen tabled the resolution because they were unsure the City would have enough room in the budget for the raises because the power plant was protesting the tax amount the City charged.

Councilmen said they wouldn’t be able to resume the discussion until the tax issue was resolved.



  • East Carbon City Councilman Dave Maggio requested a letter of support from Sunnyside regarding the cemetery project East Carbon planned to propose to the Community Impact Board. Maggio also spoke about the possibility of combining the Sunnyside and East Carbon fire departments.
  • The Sunnyside Fire Department received a new toxic gas meter from Carbon County. New meters were supplied to each department within the County.
  • Fire Chief Gene Madrid said, “The meters we have now are good and they work, but it’s nice to have new equipment.”
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